I apologize the delay of QSL reply. Please check your QSO data and Status of QSL reply by direct request.

I expect you will receive very soon.

LOG DB updated on March 30, 2020
LOG DB updated on December 31, 2014

Still I have many backlogs of QSL reply (on March 30, 2020)
QSL DB updated on January 11, 2015 ( Received till December 31, 2014)
Post Office on January 12, 2015
I still have less 60 requests for checking log / envelop / contents and so on.

YUKI JH1NBN on January 12, 2015
Check QSL Status

My QSL size is 148mm x 100mm

I would apprecite it very much for your cooperation, support and especially your keeping patient till completion. I apologize so much for my late reply.

Almost all requests were very nice and felt your kindness, but few were not good such as only envelop, very out of date IRC, no-check of my above log and so on.

I must spent lot of time to look for calls on my log by keeping away other QSL reuests.
PLEASE CHECK ABOVE LOG before request, and if you don't find ur QSOs, inform me
of exact pedition call, your call, date/time, frequency, mode
I want to ignore the request with brave/reuest with only your call no other data.
Above log contains more 100,000Q( about 10,000Q in half of 2014 ) .

I would like to ask "Please write your country the reply envelop in English,.
not smaller than 148/100mm, and ......"
appropriate size of envelop with your name and address ( your country),
enough IRC, green stamp or Japanese stamp to reply of amount of QSLs,
no need too much but asking you to check log before send

I am very happy to my name and address on back on SAE
much apprecite one return envelop per each my dx call, OK your QSL requests in one envelop.
Please write or identify "AIR MAIL" on the reply SAE. (red or black/blue)
Same side QSL of log data with your call.

Past DX operations and licenses
My foot prints
Dayton & Tokyo HAM Vention/Fair